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Regular Sealed System Repair

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Recovering Existing Refrigerant from the System. 2 - Disassembling Faulty Compressor.       3 - Installing new Compressor as required. 4 - Pressurizing the System with Nitrogen by Factory Recommendations and Testing the System for Leaks. 5 - Vacuuming the System to 500 Microns and checking for Leaks. 6 - Charging the System by Label with Refrigerant Type and Amount. 7 - Commissioning the System.


Nitrogen, Acetylene, 15% and 45% Silver Brazing Rods, Filter/Dryer, Vacuum Oil, Low Side Access Valve, Refrigerant, Oxygen and Misc Materials. 

Labor Cost:                                                                                                                      Regular Sealed System Repair is $1500 and does not include Materials. Repair time varies between 2.5 and 3.5 hours. Some projects can take longer time depending on circumstances.